AB InBev fuels 4.5 billion euros


The beer giant AB InBev raises 4.5 billion euros through a bond issue. The Stella Artois brewer collects cash to endure the corona crisis.

AB InBev has been collecting for some time

cash in. Two weeks ago, the company took out a $ 9 billion line of credit in full. That’s why AB InBev now has $ 16 billion in cash. In addition, the euro bond issue will add another $ 5 billion on Thursday, converted.


95.5 billion

At the end of last year, AB InBev was on a mountain of debt of $ 95.5 billion.

The brewer needs money to pay off his huge mountain of debt. AB InBev has to repay € 3 billion this year. AB InBev had $ 95.5 billion in debt at the end of 2019. That was four times the gross operating profit (EBITDA), a debt ratio that rises as profit declines.

The second quarter may bring relief. Then AB InBev hopes to get approval to sell its Australian business to competitor Asahi. That should bring in $ 11 billion to pay off debt.


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