Dozens of court appeals against the mandatory masking order


Dozens of complaints have been filed in the Supreme Administrative Court (SAC) against the order of Health Minister Kiril Ananiyev for compulsory wearing of a mask in closed and open public places, under threat of 5,000 BGN fine, the legal site “Lex” reported after a check.

One of them is a lawyer Nikolai Hadjigenov. He announced in his personal blog that the order was issued in gross violation of the law, because it creates an obligation for all Bulgarians to buy masks and wear them constantly under threat of fines, while at the same time the state does not provide them.

The lawyer recalls that according to Art. 63 para 4 of the Health Act “state and municipal authorities create the necessary conditions for the implementation of the measures under para. 1, and the funds for their implementation are provided by the state budget, respectively by the municipal budgets. “

“The state did not create the necessary conditions to execute the procedural order, turning it into a tool for repression against Bulgarian citizens. Ergo, such a measure will not be able to protect the life and health of citizens, is a flagrant abuse of law and grossly violates the rights of citizens,” Hadzhigenov wrote in his complaint.

He urges the SAC to suspend the preliminary execution of the order pending final adjudication as well as to appoint a forensic expert, in which an epidemiologist, a virologist and a specialist in protective equipment can find out which masks are effective against the coronavirus and whether it can be stopped at all. with a mask.

This morning, following public outcry over lack of masks in pharmacies, the National Operations Headquarters announced that there will be a grace period – until 0:00 on Saturday so that people have time to get supplies. From there, they insisted that there were safeguards provided, but it was not widely seen in all places.

At the same time, Deputy Chief of Security Police Tony Todorov told bTV that there would be no compromise and police would be fined today.

“We should not speak of any tolerance on the part of police officers for non-compliance by citizens. The imposition of these sanctions is simply imperative and binding. We firmly state that we will not compromise with anyone,” he said.

Gen. Ventsislav Mutafchiiski stressed that the Regional Health Inspectorates and the Ministry of the Interior are to specify exactly where it will be obligatory to go with a mask, but specified that this certainly includes shops, pharmacies, hospitals, banks, transport, administration buildings, all institutions and places where there is no controlled access.

The Chief of Staff admitted that the data on the benefits of wearing masks by healthy people, especially if they are not of the highest protection, are contradictory and are not recommended by the World Health Organization.

“The data on the use of masks are contradictory, the patients must wear masks and the healthy are completely contradictory, not recommended by the WHO. We do not invent things that are not the result of good practices, but our main sources to impose measures, these are China, South Korea, Israel and the big countries “However, Mutafchiyski said, pointing out that the same mask measure had been imposed in Israel and Austria since yesterday.

The proposal for the measure came from him, though he himself said days ago that the masks create a false reassurance for people to do something for themselves.


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