Entrepreneurs are in pocket and ash after extension of corona measures: 'Have sleepless nights?'


Due to the corona measures, it was already difficult for many entrepreneurs to survive. But how are things going for them, now that the measures certainly apply until April 28?

AT5 / Luuk Koenen
AT5 / Luuk Koenen
Because that was announced by Prime Minister Mark Rutte during a press conference tonight. Moreover, it is by no means certain that the measures will disappear after 28 April. In fact, chances are that normal life cannot be picked up yet.

Neck blow

And that is a major setback for café De Ceuvel, for example, which has only just kept its head above water in recent weeks. Now that catering establishments have to stay closed even longer, this can even mean the neck blow.

‘We really have to wait and see how many months we will last until the bill reaches zero’

Toon Maassen, co-founder De ceuvel

‘It has been very difficult recently. First an absurdly quiet winter and then we also miss the busiest seasons, ‘says co-founder Toon Maassen. “We really have to wait and see how many months we will last until the bill reaches zero.”

‘Sleepless nights’

Until now, the café has received additional help: the sale of coupons has generated a total of around 4,850 euros. But it is estimated that at least 10,000 euros is needed. “We have sleepless nights,” said Maassen. “You hear it from all kinds of entrepreneurs around you.”

What makes it extra difficult for De Ceuvel, Maassen thinks, is that it is a temporary catering company. “We have to recoup all investments in an even shorter period of time.”

De Ceuvel therefore makes an emergency call:



Fatma Fezgin, owner of Fatos Hair Salon, is also concerned. “The situation is still manageable now, because I have a healthy company,” she says. “But it is very annoying for customers. And at some point the staff gets annoyed, everyone just wants to work. ‘

‘We’ll make it until June 1, but with a lot of damage’

Fatma Fezgin, owner of Fatos Hair Salon

In the meantime, therefore, the time is being used well. ‘We pimp up the salon and sell products online. You try to remain positive in it, ”says Fezgin. “We’ll make it like this until June 1, but with a lot of damage.”


That is why the hairdresser wants to request an allowance in advance. But the website on which she has to do this is always down, since many entrepreneurs want to use the scheme.

“I’ve been working on it since March 27,” says Fezgin. ‘Payment of wages has now been promised, but I have not received anything yet. For example, if this is still the case at the end of April, then I do have a problem. ”

Start from scratch again

Moreover, the owner is afraid of what is to come. “At some point, people might flout the rules and call in a home hairdresser. That is not good for health and I don’t know if I will have any customers left. ”

When the barber shop opens again, she expects to ‘have to start from scratch’. “While I’ve been putting all my energy into this business for eight years.”


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