Kaliningrad researchers are developing an anti-corona mask


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Researchers at Kant University in Kaliningrad have invented reusable medical respirators that contain layers of silver-ion vapor deposition with antibacterial and antiviral effects, according to the university’s press service.

“The researchers at the Baltic Federal Immanuel Kant University in Kaliningrad, masks with nano-silver vapor deposition with high antibacterial and antiviral effects have been developed. Nettle fabric was used as the material, which was supplemented by magnetron sputtering with an ultra-dense layer of active silver. The multi-layered cotton fabric masks are called Silver-Masks, ”the press release continues.

According to the Russian Fund for Basic Research, a similar substance based on meltblown nonwovens and nanosilver was developed by the Institute of Solid State Chemistry and Mechanochemistry of the Siberian Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
The tests demonstrated that the silver-blended meltblown fabric kills the virus at lightning speed and even increases its efficiency after long contact. In addition, the mask can clean itself, so it can be used for several days. Such masks will not be much more expensive than the simple ones.

The employees of the Kant University succeeded in perfecting the technology for the production of such masks. The colleagues of the Kaliningrad researchers from the Siberian department of the Russian Academy of Sciences, who developed the substance, created the coating using a chemical method. The researchers from Kaliningrad used technologies of laser coating of nanosilver on the mask, which significantly increases the effectiveness and makes the mask less expensive.

Around 500 such masks can be produced in one day. However, the production could be increased to several thousand, the university said. In the coming days, the masks will be made for university staff and the elderly, whom the university wants to help in this way.


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