Announced the end of the corona virus outbreak in Russia


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Spread of a new type of coronavirus (Kvvyd 19) in Russia until the summer will end, but the outbreak has not yet peaked and then began its decline.

Vladimir Nikiforov, a senior expert in infectious diseases at the Russian Federal Medical Biological Agency, said in an interview with First Russian Television, Sputnik reports.

He said: “It (corona virus) Finally, the summer will end, is certain.”

The expert also believes that the peak of the coronavirus outbreak will be expected sometime between April 8th and April 10th.

Nykyfvrvf said such respiratory infections usually outbreak reached its first peak and then decline begins that lasts about 10-12 weeks.

The coronavirus, which began in late 2019 in Wuhan, China, has now affected 202 countries and regions worldwide.

At present, the number of people with coronavirus in the world has reached 864,628. 42,888 people have died as a result of the virus.

So far, 178,995 people have been treated for coronavirus worldwide.

In Russia the total number of patients in 75 area is 2777 people


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