Corona brings silence back to the Netherlands | Inland


Although 3 decibels compared to an average noise level of 50 to 55 decibels are limited under normal circumstances, NSG director Erik Roelofsen still speaks of a ‘remarkable effect.’ “Although it is only a few decibels, this is certainly audible. People suddenly hear other environmental sounds, such as birds. And for many people, that continuous background noise from road traffic has disappeared. ”

In addition, the three decibels is an average, says Roelofsen. “We hear from people who live near Schiphol that this is a real relief for them. For these types of households, the noise level has really dropped, perhaps by 10 to 15 decibels. And people who live in the vicinity of large companies, for example, which normally park many thousands of cars every day, are also very aware of the effect. ”

The NSG hopes that lessons will be learned from the current situation in society after corona. “Maybe later, if we can just go out again, we will be able to fly less and work from home more often. And why go to Paris for a meeting if you can also do that via a video meeting? ”, Says Roelofsen.

Of all types of ambient noise, people are on average most affected by noise from neighbors or neighbors. After that, noise nuisance from traffic will follow, Roelofsen says. The NSG helps hundreds of households that experience noise nuisance every year.


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