Expert: Moscow possesses a preventive system of all forms of biological wars and epidemics


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“Muslim Putin’s logic is to put aside political differences and cooperate for humanity in the face of the emerging Corona virus,” said Muslim Sheto, an expert on Russian affairs.

Shiyto affirmed that the world’s situation now does not require a political background for humanitarian assistance, and from this standpoint, Moscow gave its hand with aid to the United States.

And before that Italy and China.

Chaito added, in his interview with “Sputnik World” on “Radio Sputnik”, saying:

Many political forces in Washington consider aid to be political, but their talk bears criticism of President Trump and they are trying to exploit the Corona virus in their internal conflicts, especially with the approaching date of the American presidential elections, and this is the culture of the American political class that builds all its social, political and military theories on the approach of conflicts, This is evident in its naming of the Covid 19 virus as “the epidemic of China”, and explains that Russia is one of its enemies with China, and therefore their interpretations of Moscow’s aid will not deviate from those known cultures.

And on Russia’s medical assistance to several countries and their importance, the expert in Russian affairs, Dr. Muslim Shito, explained that Moscow possesses a preventive system of all forms of wars and biological and chemical epidemics, from the time of the Soviet Union, and this helps them to face these epidemics and provide its expertise and assistance to a number of countries, and it has benefited China from this system, stressing that the conditions in Russia allow optimism because Corona will not spread similarly to what happened in Europe or the United States.


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