Hrithik Roshan's Story Featured in Tamil Nadu Textbooks | Who else but Hrithik Roshan can do it! Hrithik's Life Story in the Textbook



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    Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan is the model of all time. Hrithik’s biography is being reported in the Tamil textbook. A fan who reads his children’s textbook during Lockdown has made this known to the outside world.

    ‘I was reading a textbook to my nephew while he was alone at home. I was surprised to see a part of it. Life Story of Bollywood Hrithik Roshan No one but himself can give children the best confidence. A fan of Hrithik’s post on social media.


    How Tamil Hrithik Roshan Overcame It This is given in the chapter entitled Confidence. In the text, she was told that she had been bullied at school because she had stumbled while speaking and that she had just come home crying.

    She then enrolled in speech therapy classes. Speaking in front of a mirror for hours on end, he learned to speak different words. For the first time, Hrithik spoke of his speech impairment from There Mere Beach Men Show. Everything seems normal until you start talking. Then your heart will beat. “You can’t understand the pain of not being able to speak.”


    Two years ago, Hrithik’s sister-in-law’s blog was a subject of great debate. He failed a great obstacle in life. He had no choice but to overcome it. He won the battle to find a way to live. At the age of thirteen he would read aloud for hours.

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    Sometimes in the bathroom every morning and night, you can find yourself talking. His sister said he had done it for 22 years. This was heavily debated at the time.


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