Iran launches new system to reveal "Covid 19"


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Iran announced today, Saturday, a system to detect Covid 19 disease caused by the emerging corona virus.

The Director General of the Corona Control Commission in Tehran Province, during the ceremony unveiling the system to detect pneumonia as a benefit 19, said that this system can provide services to the whole world, according to the Iranian “Tasnim” agency.
“Scientific experiments have proven that axial or CT scans are the most effective way to detect corona’s disease, but we know that this type of imaging is not for the general public but only for people who are suspected of their disease, and who can determine HIV infection or Not strictly, according to Tasnim.

He continued, “The most important feature of this system is how it is used and its wide practical scope. When the number of auditors is large, the accuracy of our doctors may decrease or we may not be able to reach a radiologist at all. In fact, this system is a far-reaching medical tool.”

He also clarified that all experiments were conducted on this system and its work was proven correct, and now this system can become a global model to be followed and can be used by all people in the world.


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