Messi's Friends vs. Ronaldo's Friends: Which Team is Better?


For the past decade, the football world has been struggling to decide which one is better: Leo Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo.

Countless debates, surveys, statistics and more have failed to give a definite answer. And someday there will be. We just have to enjoy being in an era of both legends and being able to watch their performances.

But there are also other curious stories about Messi and Ronaldo related to football. It’s no secret that the two have good friends among the players. And there is nothing more normal than that. has formed two teams that are friends of Leo and Cristiano. Look at them and write down which one is better for you.

Unfortunately, it does not have big names, as other contestants are preferred to the designated positions. There are some who are not in their title places on the pitch, but the team will not be able to pass without them because they are close to Messi or Ronaldo.


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