Nearly 1900 died only in New York from a coronavirus


PHOTO: Reuters

Nearly 1,900 people died in New York alone from the new coronavirus, TASS reported, citing the mayoralty of the most populous city in the United States.

Deaths increased by 305 in just one day – from 1562 to 1867.

The number of people infected in New York has increased by more than 6,000 in the last 24 hours to 56,289. 11,739 of these people are hospitalized.

Next week will be the worst in town since the epidemic began, Mayor Bill de Blasio predicted yesterday. He warned of a looming shortage of specialists and breathing apparatus for seriously ill patients, BTA reports.

Arriving in Manhattan on Monday, the US Navy Comfort Fleet, which is a floating hospital, began receiving its first patients yesterday, France reported.

It has the capacity to treat up to 1000 people. The floating hospital will not accept people infected with the coronavirus but other patients to ease New York’s congested health system.

The city’s luxury restaurant, meanwhile, has become a kitchen for people in need because of the crisis, according to its owner, Daniel Hum, quoted by the DPA.

The famous Swiss chef said that with the help of the charity “Ratink” he plans to prepare up to 3000 servings a day at his “Ileven Madison Park”.

“This is one of the moments in my career that I’m most proud of. This city has given me everything, so I really wanted to think of what I could do in return,” Hume said.

The restaurant closed on March 17 in accordance with measures taken by New York authorities to curb the spread of the coronavirus.


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