Russian "flying tank" shows its fighting power in Serbia … Video


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The Russian helicopter fighters, also called the “flying tank”, the Mi-35M, which is part of the 714 anti-tank squadron of the 98th Air Force and Serbian Air Force Brigade, demonstrated its fighting power using guided missiles and 23mm machine guns.

According to the squadron commander, Colonel Dobrosav Dernadevich, the crews of these helicopters underwent the necessary training to use weapons in difficult weather conditions at night.

It is noteworthy that these aircraft entered the Serbian armed forces at the end of last year. It is designed to perform a wide range of combat missions: eliminating ground targets, and providing fire support for infantry forces.

It is worth noting that the maximum flying speed of the helicopter is 300 km per hour, the flying distance is 1000 km, and the maximum takeoff weight is 11.5 thousand kg.

According to the Serbian Army assessment, the Mi-35M helicopter is well protected and equipped with the most advanced navigation devices in addition to electronic indicators and vision systems.


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