Russian Health evaluates the federal regions' readiness to face the "Corona" virus


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The Russian Ministry of Health announced today, Wednesday, that it is conducting daily work aimed at following up the situation with the spread of the new Corona virus in Russia and the readiness of the health system, noting that the situation in the Russian regions is evaluated as “satisfactory.”

The Ministry’s media office quoted Deputy Health Minister Vladimir Uyba as saying: “The Russian Ministry of Health conducts daily work to monitor the prevalence of Corona virus infection and the preparedness of the health system. We assess the situation as“ satisfactory ”and added,“ In all regions telemedicine centers have been established For anesthesiologists and intensive care physicians, plans have been drawn up to combat the spread of infection and to organize the provision of medical care for patients with HIV and suspects. Work is going on around the clock. ”

The Anti-Corona Virus Operations Room (Covid-19) in Russia announced today, Wednesday, that it recorded 440 new cases of the virus in 35 regions of the country, including 267 cases in the capital, Moscow, bringing the total number of infections to 2777, while 69 people left the hospital, During the past 24 hours, after recovering from the virus, 45 of them in Moscow … bringing the total number of those who recovered from the virus to 190, while 7 deaths were recorded, bringing the total to 24 deaths.


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