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Over the years at Manchester United, they have played some of the big stars of football, but Sky Sports reveals that the Red Devils have also failed to attract some of the most famous football players in history. The British media has compiled a list of the 50 best players who were close to Old Trafford’s transfer, but it was ultimately not realized and there were some really impressive names in the top ten.


10. Alan Shearer – It is rare for a footballer to refuse a transfer to Manchester United, but the number one goalkeeper in the history of the Premier League makes it a whole two times, and he personally beats Sir Alex Ferguson. The legendary Scot wanted Shearer first in 1992, when the Englishman played in Southampton, but he preferred Blackburn’s offer. In 1996 Shearer was even closer to United, with negotiations at an advanced stage before the striker could choose Newcastle’s proposal. However, the backup version of the Red Devils is not bad at all – Ole Gunnar Solskyar, who has gained legendary status among fans as a football player and is now the team manager.

9. Eden Azar – The transfer of Azar from Lille to Manchester United for £ 32m was virtually fully agreed before a final hurdle emerged – the Belgian football agent has claimed a £ 6m commission. The impetuous Sir Alex finds this demand for absolute insolence and refuses to pay. Subsequently, Azar moved to Chelsea and became one of the best footballers in the world, last summer making a £ 130 million transfer to Real Madrid. These 6 million do not seem so high today.

8. Robert Lewandowski – Lewandowski himself reveals that in 2012 he spoke with the management of Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson and was really impressed. The Polish striker wanted to switch to Old Trafford, but Borussia Dortmund flatly refused to let him go. Two years later, Lewandowski still left Dortmund and signed with Bayern Munich to score 230 goals for the Bavarians and become German champion five times in a row.

7. Patrick Vieira – The Frenchman was the captain of United’s big rival in the late 1990s and early next decade – Arsenal. Sir Alex, however, believes the central midfielder wants to switch to Old Trafford and tries to buy it in 2003 after selling David Beckham. Arsene Wenger immediately blocked his colleague’s metrics and, a few days after receiving a bid worth 22 million pounds, Vieira signed a new 4-year contract with the “gunners”.

6. Rivaldo – In 1999, Rivaldo won the Golden Ball, but his relationship with Barcelona coach Luis van Gaal is not blossoming. In addition, Manchester United have just won a historic treble and the Catalans are barely qualifying for the Champions League. However, there is no way Barcelona can part with the best player in the world at such a time. “At no point were they ready to sell it,” Ferguson commented.

5. Gabriel Batistuta “Sir Alex loved nothing more than a classic goal scorer. The Scotsman has been a Batigol fan for a decade and wants to have him in the squad, but the transfer has never materialized. At that time, the Italian Serie A was the strongest championship in the world, and Fiorentina asked United for an astronomical sum for his goal scorer. Years later, Batistuta was asked why he had not made it to a European grand such as Manchester United. “I preferred the tranquility of playing for Fiorentina,” he said.

4. Paul Gascoigne – One of the big questions in English football – what would happen if Gascoigne had signed with Manchester United instead of Tottenham Hotspur? Would Sir Alex have mastered his alcohol problems? Would Gascoyne win all the possible trophies and become an even better player than he was? Who knows? What we do know is that in 1988 Sir Alex was trying to attract the 20-year-old Gascoyne, and although he has not even played for England’s national team yet, the Scot wants to make him the Red Devils’ most expensive player. Ferguson meets with Gascoigne and believes he convinced him to sign. He gets the bad news a little later – Gascoyne also talked to Tottenham manager Terry Venebels and preferred his offer. “They signed with him because they bought a house for his parents in the Northeast. Losing him was the biggest disappointment of my career, ”Ferguson admits after years.

3. Ronaldinho – In the summer of 2003, Sir Alex sells his big star David Beckham to Real Madrid, having already planned who his replacement will be – PSG magician Ronaldinho. However, something goes wrong in the bills and the Brazilian switches to Know Camp to claim legendary status in winning the Golden Ball. The brilliant Ferguson, however, always has a backup – in this case it is an 18-year-old Portuguese boy named Cristiano Ronaldo who comes to Old Trafford for just over 12 million pounds.

2. Zinedine Zidane – In the summer of 1996, it is clear to everyone that the exceptional talent of Zinedine Zidane will leave Bordeaux. Major clubs in Europe are vying for his signature, and Red Devils captain Eric Canton tells Sir Alex to do his best to attract Zidane. This time, however, Ferguson is making a misjudgment and thinks there is no need for a French midfielder to move to Juventus.

1. Ronaldo – The phenomenon. The original. Ronaldo da Lima had everything – speed, power, talent, finishing stroke. Manchester United acted early and asked PSV Eindhoven about the Brazilian’s price back in 1996. However, the Dutch club knows what it has and wants $ 20 million for the teenager. The Red Devils estimate that this is too high a price and refuse a possible transfer, and Barcelona pays the world record for this time and attracts a Brazilian.


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