Vladislav Goranov is deprived of any empathy for man


” What is being taken as a measure is subordinate to the PR, as has been the policy in Bulgaria for years. And it aims to show the Bulgarian people that the government is making incredible efforts. These measures have not been devised by the Bulgarian government, ” said Movement 21 party leader Tatyana Doncheva on EuroDicoF TV on Eurocom.

” What they call social exclusion, I’m not here to challenge the measures of the Medical Council and the Coronavirus Staff, it’s not my job. However, these things have their justification for protecting the health system from collapse. However, it seems to me that by preventing the health system from collapsing, we can destroy the social system. Because the extension of social exclusion and quarantine in this form leads to an avalanche of people being released from their jobs. The 60/40 formula, which is actually 72.5 for the employer burden, insurance, against 27.5 for the state, will not work. Everyone who can dismisses their workers. I do not know of a businessman who has not put his workers on the stock market, or not deal with them, ” Doncheva commented.

” I don’t know who and why he doesn’t. Our social system will be at a very high level of tension, ” said the former BSP MP.

Creating a virus in a lab is not a conspiracy theory. In order to fight, we need to know where it comes from. There are enough brains in the world, ” said Doncheva, who said that it was not impossible for the virus to be deliberately missed in laboratory development.

According to her, serious attention should be paid to agriculture, because the nutrition of the population is very important.

She called for respect from the free professions of Vladislav Goranov. ” The glowing gaze of Vlady Goranov only challenges me. I want to tell him not to pull the devil in the tail with the word ‘marginal’, because not only Neno Dimov will sit on the peoples. He is completely devoid of empathy for man. These people clearly do not leave their offices and think that they will be there by the end of the world. Well, they won’t be, ” said Tatiana Doncheva at the address of Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov.

The leader of Movement 21 believes that the institutions should work in the current situation and supports the assertion of Assoc. Prof. Mangurov that the population should build collective immunity against the coronavirus.



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