Worldwide first: pizza chain launches Bicky pizza in Belgium


Worldwide first: pizza chain launches Bicky pizza in Belgium
Photo Dominos

It’s a high day for people who love pizza and Bicky Burgers (and there are many). From now on you can enjoy Domino’s from a Bicky pizza at the pizza chain. Our country is the first in the world where the creation is launched.

Dreams sometimes come true. This is proven by the latest creation of Domino’s: the Bicky pizza. You read that right, it’s a pizza with the flavors of a Bicky Burger. The new item on the pizza chain menu is available from today and Belgium is the first country worldwide to launch the specialty pizza.

Bicky sauce and crispy onions

“Going to a snack bar is really baked in with Belgians. No less than 91% of Belgians think that “chips from the chip shop” are inextricably linked to our culture. The Bicky burger is one of the most ordered favorites, ”explains innovation chef Tyla Robinson. “That gave us the idea to bring the best of both worlds together in this exclusive and original pizza. Why would you still choose if you can combine both into a tasty whole? ”

The new pizza was launched in two varieties: the Bicky Original with minced meat and the Bicky Chicken. Both are topped with Bicky tomato sauce, Bicky hot sauce, mozzarella, pickles, Bicky dressing and crispy onions. Dominoes also recently launched a val-au-vent pizza.


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