Endangered shark hit the shore in Çanakkale


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Six gill sharks, which are protected by a red list living in very deep waters, hit the shore in Çanakkale. It was announced that what killed the fish that was seen for the first time in Çanakkale could be a big boat.

People walking around the old municipal beach in Barbaros District in Çanakkale noticed the still shark in the sandy area and reported the situation to Çanakkale Municipality.

Faculty Member of Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University (ÇOMÜ) Faculty of Marine Sciences and Technology, Department of Marine Biology Professor Dr. Sezginer Tunçer, endangered fish coming to shore six gill shark said that.

Fish, by the World Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources with red list Stating that he is known as the deep sea fish kept under protection, Tunçer said, “Among the people, this fish is a fish known as gray glass eye. Six slot monster The fish are called as sensitive species and their length reaches up to 5 meters. “ said.

Professor Dr. Tunçer, fish in Canakkale first time Stating that he was seen, he said:

“The fish are largely damaged. Injured from the abdominal area. My guess is that this damage was caused by large boats because our little fishermen are afraid and do not hurt. This fish is definitely not a fish that can attack people. The fish lives in very deep waters.”


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